How do I Deal with Dangerous Tree Branches?

People and wildlife get so much from trees. Trees are full of life and color and provide shade in the summertime. They serve as a natural fence to offer you privacy in your own space. Trees add significant value to your property. However, they could also cause some trouble if they are not well-maintained. Branches that hang too low can obstruct your view and other pedestrians. Limbs that grow too long and go beyond your property line to your neighbor’s driveway can be a cause of quarrel if the worst-case scenario happens. You sure don’t want to be sued because the branch fell onto your neighbor’s newly painted roof. 

Whatever the situation your tree is in, whether it’s growing towards your neighbor’s yard, or it has become hazardous to your safety, it is crucial to know what actions to take when the limbs and branches become a problem for you.

Limbs can be a danger to you and your property because: 

  • Limbs and branches can rub against roof shingles and damage it in the long run. Damages like these will require you to spend on repair or even replacement of your roof. 
  • Leaves can accumulate in your gutter. This will cause block the waterway, which can eventually lead to the formation of mold. This will damage your roof, and without you knowing it, there are leaks in your roof. 
  • Weak branches can fall onto your window or roof during inclement weather. 

It is essential to take care of the health of your trees at all cost. This way, you would be able to keep them from growing into areas where they shouldn’t. They are nature’s gift to us, and we should do our best to keep them in their best state. 

What should you do if your tree’s branches are overgrowing and beginning to be too heavy? The best way to go around it is to have the branch trimmed away. If that’s not enough, you can have it removed to protect you from any threat it can cause. 

Any branch or limb that hangs over a structure like your home, driveway, or your neighbor’s yard, it is already considered as hazardous. High winds or any intense weather situation can break the branch and cause it to fall on anything under it. You should remove this branch before it injures anyone you love. You may need to climb or scale the roof which can be dangerous, especially if you have no protective gears on. 

Tree trimming may seem like an easy task, but it’s not. In fact, it can be risky. One small mistake can cause injury or damage to your property. It is acceptable for a homeowner to handle small branches of a relatively small tree, but larger ones should be left to the professionals. 

Look for a tree service company that has the required license, insurance, and certifications. It is also crucial to own the right tools and equipment to get the job done, so make sure to consider this when hiring tree experts.

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